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Master of Science Zdzislaw Czapski, a precursor of the abrasive industry in Poland, founded the CERKOR company in Warsaw in 1986. High quality of the products and timely and flexible approach to the needs of customers are the core values that guide the company. Thanks to them, it is one of the oldest and respected brands in the abrasive industry on the Polish market. 

Ceramic grinding wheels manufactured by CERKOR are produced from high quality materials: aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and borazon. CERKOR is engaged in manufacturing abrasive tools commonly used in almost all industries, among others in the following industries: steel, metallurgy, machinery, aerospace, automotive and dental prosthetics.

The company specializes in the production of ceramic abrasive tools:

  • wheels on steel spindle, simple 3mm and 6mm;
  • wheels on threaded bolts provided M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6;
  • grinding wheels to hole T1 and T5;
  • whetstone;
  • grinding wheels for machining plastics and rubber;
  • grinding wheels of CBN and SG.

These grinding wheels are used primarily for the purpose of pre-rough and precision machining of various kinds of steel (including hardened) or cast iron. Their task is grinding and smoothing all surfaces, especially in the metal industry.
Large-pore grinding wheels made of blistered spherical aluminium oxides are used for processing plastics, as well as for smoothing rubber surfaces (including vulcanization industry). 

A highly-efficient product is the borazon CBN grinding wheel, whose main abrasive is synthetic diamond. They are characterized by high hardness, resistance to abrasion and high temperature and are used in the grinding of materials requiring highest quality treatment. An example is hole grinding and smoothing elements of injectors for diesel engines. The HEATLESS type of stones is used in the processing of acrylic, mainly in the field of prosthodontics.

CERKOR is proud of possessing the Safety Certificate "B", and all the products manufactured by them comply with the PN-85 / M-59122.